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Habit #11 – Creating a Definitive Goal

Everyone should have goals, right? You would think it would be more common but tons of people out there simply don’t set goals for themself. In the 30 days of discipline program you are asked to create a definitive goal for yourself and work towards it every

Habit #9 – No Excuses – No BS

We’ve all been there, who hasn’t made an excuse about something in their life before? In the 30 days of discipline program you are asked to simply answer “yes” or “no” to yes or no questions, no babble or but.. but.. discussions. You just answer the question

Habit #6 – Dress Your Best Everyday

In this post I’m going to tak about habit #6 which is dressing your best every day. My “Before” scenario with how I’ve been dressing Typically for the past 10-15 years I’ve always been very big on wearing t-shirts with band names on them, specifically metal bands.

Habit #5 – Daily Body Weight Exercise

“Before” Starting out with body weight exercises daily In this post I’ll talk a bit about my current background with exercise and then share my results after following the program for 30 days. In my post about eating right I discussed using home work out programs such

Habit #4 – No Masturbation or Porn

My “Before” scenario and background with masturbation and porn I thought I’d start out this post by stating up front that I am a brutally honest person. If you are friends with me in person you already know this, some say I have no shame so I’m going

Habit #3 – Take Cold Showers Everyday

“Before” I started taking cold showers So this is one of those habits that I would never imagine doing willingly, just mentioning this to people makes them cringe “Yeah man, I’m going to be taking cold showers for 30 days”. Most people will absolutely freak at the