Bonus Habit #2 – No Alcohol For 30 Days

I’ve never really been much of a drinker, but I thought I’d add this on to the challenge as it will definitely help with weight loss and my overall state of mind.

My “Before” scenario when it comes to drinking alcohol

Typically when I do drink I never go over board. Brenda actually claims all the time that she has “never seen me drunk” granted it has happened a few times since we started dating I never like getting out of control. I’m almost 30 now and there is no reason to be out partying or doing anything crazy. I’m typically the designated driver when going out to bars and I may have a few beers over a span of several hours but nothing that would put myself or my friends in trouble.

Lately I might drink on the weekends as we recently setup a firepit in our back yard, it’s nice to have friends over while we grill and drink some beers.

Why bother not drinking for 30 days?

I’ve never personally had any issues with drinking but it’s added calories I don’t need when I could simply be drinking water while hanging out with friends. Sure, I’ll admit it’s not as fun but I’m not worried about making a sacrifice for such a short amount of time.

Check out this video where I talk about drinking and why I’m giving it a short break with this challenge:

Check back after November 20th and see how not drinking effected me.


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