Introduction To My 30 Days Of Discipline Journey

Hey everyone,

Thanks for checking out my blog. My name is John Shea and I’ve decided to start this blog as a mini-side journey as I progress through the 30 Days of Discipline program.

30 days of discipline journey

I wanted to document my progress with the program every step of the way and this blog will the central place where I can do that. I also will be trying to publish YouTube videos along the way so here is the Introduction video to go along with this blog post:

So how did I discover this program?

I am a level 2 seller on a popular platform called Fiverr where I offer extra work for $5. I have a very popular “gig” where I interview successful entrepreneurs on my blog Voices Of Marketing. Someone actually messaged me today asking about that gig, generally most people will ask about my URL because they want to know where the interview will be posted. I sent this guy Kenny my link and he came across the income reports on my blog, so he asked if it was inspired by another blog’s income report over at Bold and Determined.

Of course I love reading articles like this, seeing how much success someone has had in the online world. What happened to really catch my eye was the thousands of dollars made from selling a couple eBooks! One of which was the 30 days of discipline program created by Victor Pride himself.

I took the time to read a few reviews about this program that were on other blogs and everyone had nothing but positive things to say. This review by Tate at Striving For Freedom particularly got my attention, it was also posted only just yesterday as he wrapped up his 30 days and shared some awesome insight into his own journey.

Past Failures?

I’ve failed numerous times in the past attempting to follow programs like P90X which is a 90 day program. Generally I’d fall into a habit of poor eating leading to poor results which led to me stopping maybe 2 months in.

I like the idea of 30 days to commit to something, I’ve previously made it through programs like Insanity which is a 60 day program and it was very tough in month 2 when the program became more difficult. My problem was I still never really ate properly.

What is my why?

  • I want to have a clearer head and better mindset when it comes to working on my goals
  • I want to sleep better at night and have more energy during the day
  • I want to lose weight, last I checked I am at about 220lbs. Previously when I was doing home workouts like P90x I was down around 150-160lbs so this is an opportunity to start moving back towards that.
  • More stamina for sex, being honest I’d like to have more energy for sex.
  • Improve my eating habits which will lead to better overall health and well being
  • Improve my organizational skills and allow me to accomplish my goals faster and easier

Making 30 days of discipline even more challenging

I’ve decided to challenge myself even further with 2 simple focus points which I know I can easily conquer. For other people these things may prove to be very challenging especially for men ages 18-35 I’d say.

  • No Video Games for 30 days – Yup, you read that right. No playing video games for a whole 30 days. I actually did this last year successfully which was a huge accomplishment for me seeing as I am an avid gamer and play games with most of my friends on a regular basis. You can actually see how many hours over the past 11 years I have spent playing games over at Steam Gauge. – “Over the last , you’ve spent 2631.8 hours playing this selection, which includes 296 items, is valued at $3924.67, and requires 1749.1 GB”
  • No alcohol for 30 days – This one should be pretty easy for me, I’ve never been much of a drinker. Typically I’ll have 1-2 beers when I do drink so for me giving up alcohol entirely for a month won’t be a big deal. My “fear” with this one will be if my girlfriend and I decide to have people over to join us around our new fire pit, this almost always leads to drinking. It’s as simple as just drinking water instead.
  • *Mostly* consume water for 30 days – This for me is something I nearly did for a year or two with the exception of some workout shakes such as protein. I’m going to keep a slight “limit” on this stating that I can drink whey protein with Almond Milk during these 30 days. It will be good to accompany the body weight exercises I’ll be doing on a daily basis.

Other things I’ll be doing during my journey

  • Recording YouTube videos talking about my progress and thoughts as I go through the program
  • Blogging here to share my experiences
  • Sharing food and diet ideas that I’m following
  • Sharing useful resources that have helped me during my journey
  • Creating a Podcast version where you can listen to the videos in an audio only version on iTunes or Stitcher

Ready To Follow My Progress?

First you can read and watch some content about the 12 habits of discipline I follow during the program. Make sure you also follow my even more challenging bonus habits.

Follow my day to day journey here.

I’m ready for this challenge! I’m starting on Monday October 20th!

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