Habit #2 – Waking Up Early Every Day

My “Before” scenario with waking up early

In this post I’ll be discussing Habit #2 which is waking up early every single day at 5am. Now I will tell you right now that I have never been a morning person and have always been used to sleeping in. I think most people are generally the same way, at least most of my friends are like this. I used to work an 11am to 8pm shift at my old job and my commute for a good year was only 10 minutes down the road. I’d find myself staying up until midnight or later and waking up around 10:30am most days barely giving myself enough time to get to work and sleeping as long as possible.

As of 3 months ago I started a new job that is about 30 miles one way from my house, I happen to be in a position where I can really work any hours I choose. At my current job I have an 8 hour day with a 30 minute lunch break, at my old jobs I used to work 9 hour days with a 1 hour lunch break so that is definitely an advantage. The big disadvantage is the commute itself, I am basically taking a main highway route (Route 93) that goes straight into Boston. Everyone and there mother is driving on this highway in the morning trying to get into the city so the earlier I get in the better.

Originally I started out by waking up at 5:30am and leaving by 6, I generally would get to work in about 45 minutes but if there was even minor traffic it would take me an hour. I’d be able to get in at 7am if this was the case and leave by 3pm with this schedule. Even leaving at 3pm can make a difference from leaving at 2pm in terms of the afternoon traffic. I recently decided to start waking up around 4:45am and leaving around 5:15am or so. I actually got to the building so early some days I’d need to wait for someone else to show up with a key to get inside!

Now that I’m doing the 30 days of discipline program I plan to continue waking up at 4:30-4:40 (1 Alarm smash!) and cooking myself breakfast every morning before I head out to work. I may also cook eggs and bacon and just put it into a container so I can re-heat it at work. This will allow me have higher chances of beating the morning traffic and give me the opportunity to get out of work that much earlier. The goal will be to arrive most mornings between 6-6:30am and leave by 2:00-2:30pm.

Weekends and Going To Bed

On weekends I’ve been staying up till midnight and sleeping in, with this challenge I will still be going to bed early so this will be a sacrifice potentially when it comes to hanging out with Brenda or my friends.

In terms of sleep I will be going to bed by 8:00pm and hoping to fall asleep by 8:30pm. If I get home by about 3:00-3:30pm this gives me about 5 hours to be productive and get stuff done. One thing I plan to change is when I head up to bed I usually sit on my smart phone reading my Facebook news feed or other random articles, browsing apps or whatever. This is something I’d like to stop doing so I can fall asleep sooner. A trick I use for getting to sleep when I’m restless and have lots of thoughts flowing through my head is to think of the word “nothing” over and over and just maintain a really strong focus without letting myself think of anything else besides this word. It’s worked really well for me so if you struggle with falling asleep, try it!

Another thing I recommend is getting yourself a comfortable pillow, I use a “Water” pillow that is very comfortable and does not require me to “Fluff” the pillow when trying to sleep at night, it prevents me from tossing and turning.

Check out this video where I talk about waking up early:

Check back after November 30th to see how my 30 day results changed with the program! I will be editing this post with my results.


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