Habit #9 – No Excuses – No BS

We’ve all been there, who hasn’t made an excuse about something in their life before?

In the 30 days of discipline program you are asked to simply answer “yes” or “no” to yes or no questions, no babble or but.. but.. discussions. You just answer the question and move on, this leads to eliminating excuses.

Let’s talk about my “Before” scenario with excuses

Years ago I started reading a lot of personal development books such as, The Magic Of Thinking Big and The Slight Edge. Those were some of my favorites. In these books they really help you start to eliminate the “Excuses” mindset.

I cannot tell you how many friends and people I hangout with that use excuses for just about everything. I even have a friend who could make every excuse NOT to talk to women, it’s sad!

I still do struggle with this daily, I’ve even thought about many times with one of my old bosses who would ask me yes or no questions I’d go on to straight explaining things and he would get pissed and demand “Yes or no!!”

How do I plan to improve on this through the challenge?

First off, instead of allowing problems to arise I just make things happen. I take action with everything I want to get done or think about doing. I haven’t been sitting around watching TV every night when I get home.

I’ll take the time to cook meals, get chores done around the house leading to a no excuse mindset. I think the biggest thing for me right now is not making up any reason to not do something I know for a fact I can do without any issues. Generally in the past it came down to lazyness, with this challenge I’ve been focused on productivity and it’s working so far!

Check out this video where I talk about excuses:

Check back after November 20th and see how my mind set has changed when it comes to excuses.

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