Habit #7 – Creating a To-Do List and Staying Organized

In this post I’ll talk about habit #7 – creating a to-do list and staying organized.

My “Before” habits with creating to-do lists and staying organized

I’ve actually already been following this habit for several years now and it’s helped immensely when it comes to productivity.

In the 30 days of discipline program you are tasked with creating a to-do list each and every day and following that to do list.

I typically use a program called Evernote – http://www.evernote.com where you create “notes”. Evernote is a cloud based application that can sync across multiple devices. I can add to-do list tasks while at home either through the web application or desktop version and then see those same notes while I’m at work if I choose.

Another thing I do which will come in handy for this challenge is to make a grocery list within Evernote and when I go to the store I can pull up the Evernote app on my Android phone and just mark off items as I go. It’s easier than just straight up writing down a new hand written list every time I want to go shopping for specific items.

Sometimes I will use Google Drive for creating a spreadsheet with to-do list items. I typically color code certain items and rate each task on a priority scale. I even convinced one of my prior boss’s to use this same model and he still uses it today to stay organized and complete tasks. It’s good for work environments because you can share documents right within Drive with other people.

What have I done so far for the challenge that’s different?

Check out this video where I talk about organization and show you some of the things I’ve been doing to stay organized:

Prior to the challenge I kept a to-do list of items I wanted to get done, but I would always put off things I really didn’t feel like doing. It was not very effective because I’m the one making the list and I was basically procrastinating my own to-do tasks.

With the challenge I make a list for each day and try my best to get those tasks completed. I’ve already seeing a difference in productivty and completing tasks.

I also picked up some hand written sheets off Amazon which you can see below. A “crap to do” list or say another for replenishing typical food items.

Check back after November 20th and see how much I’ve improved with completing tasks and staying organized

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