Habit #12 – Taking Some Time To Rest On Sundays

We all need breaks from time to time. In the 30 days of discipline program you are allowed to take the morning and early afternoon as a time to relax.

My “Before” situation with taking rest and relaxation days

It’s very common for me to have come home and either done one of the following:

  • Play video games all night
  • Watch TV shows or movies all night
  • Go out places potentially I didn’t need to

I have been a lot better with goals and getting things done the last few years but there are definitely nights where I’d just come home and sit around watching tv or playing video games.

Before I started this challenge a newer video game came out and I literally played for an entire Saturday for 12 hours straight! I thought I was passed that phase in my life as I used to do this as a kid. Right now I’m trying to build a business so I really shouldn’t be spending tons of free time on time sucking things like video games.

I’m currently using my nights to be productive and plan to use Saturdays as a day to really get things done so I can relax on Sundays.

Check out this video I did on being productive during the week and even on weekends:

Check back to this post after November 20th and see what my results were like being productive for most of the week!

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