Habit #11 – Creating a Definitive Goal

Everyone should have goals, right? You would think it would be more common but tons of people out there simply don’t set goals for themself.

In the 30 days of discipline program you are asked to create a definitive goal for yourself and work towards it every day.

My “Before” situation with goal setting

As I mentioned in my post about excuses I talked about reading personal development books. This has also helped me get into a better mindset when it comes to creating goals for myself.

Obviously using a to-do list can make a big impact on accomplishing goals and getting things done. I feel awesome when I get stuff done and meet my goals, it’s a great habit to get into. You will be glad you took action and accomplished something to make your life that much better.

So what is my definitive goal with this challenge?

I’ve struggled in the past with “Focus” especially when it comes to being an online entrepreneur.

As of a few months ago I started putting a ton of focus into an online store over at http://www.skullclothing.net I made this store because of an idea my girlfriend gave me. I also knew after having some real world 9-5 job experience with eCommerce that there was a lot of potential if I put a consistent effort into the store.

Just this month I’ve made almost $200 just as an Amazon affiliate by selling products on the store, the income is almost entirely passive!

My big goal is start getting some winning Amazon products, as I recently just opened an Amazon account to sell clothing. I want to get some products that can turn a profit, the simple idea will be to find products that sell fast that I can buy over and over again for a cheap price at whole sale.

The ultimate goal will be to start having some of my own designs done to start an actual “Brand”.

Check out this video below where I talk about setting goals:

If your reading this post, comment below with some of your own goals. Where goals do you hope to achieve for yourself?

Check back on this post after November 20th to see if I made the progress I wanted to with my eCommerce store!

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