Habit #10 – Keep a Notebook and Pen With You At All Times

In the 30 days of discipline challenge you are asked to keep a notepad and pen with you at all times. The idea with this is that if you have something pop into your head, maybe a task you need to complete a new idea or anything that you should write down you have the capability to do that.

My “Before” situation with keeping a notepad for daily use

In this post about organization I talked about using Evernote on my Android cell phone. This is currently what I’m using as a “virtual notepad” and I have done this for years. If anything ever came to mind I simply will open Evernote and add a quick note into my “to do list” note.

This works really well because I can easily view it later on my phone, desktop at home or at work. Most of the time I’m finding ideas or things pop into my head at the most random times and this is why it’s handy for any time of the day.

Everyone now a days has a smart phone so there is no reason not to use Evernote or a similar app to keep a virtual notepad on hand.

Check out this video where I talk about using Evernote as my virtual notepad:

Check back after November 20th and learn how using tools like Evernote has helped me with the challenge.

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