Habit #1 – Eating Healthy 3 Times Each Day

I’ve decided to write some small blog posts covering each habit you are required to follow In the 30 days of discipline program. In each post I’m going to write about my current habits and cover each habit before and after I complete the program. I want to inform people on how it’s changed me good or bad.

My “Before” Eating Habits – Before Starting 30 Days Of Discipline

The first habit you must follow is eating a healthy filling meal 3 times each day. There are a gazillion articles out there that cover food and healthy eating alone so this is a very broad topic in itself. The biggest thing you must not do during the program is eat snacks at all.

For me personally I’ve been accustomed to eating something small for breakfast such as cereal or oatmeal and then snacking through out the day, for nearly a year straight I would actually make it a point to grab a Fiber one bar before heading off to my job and eating it around 10 am every morning. About 3-4 months back I decided to stop buying them because I actually noticed eating them every day basically gave me non-stop random gas through out the entire day! I pretty much had my girlfriend at my mercy most nights we were hanging out because it just pure brutal! When I stopped eating them my “constant gas” basically went away.

When I was growing up going through high school through about age 20 I generally always weighed about 150-160lbs and never seemed to fall out of that weight range, I am also about 5″10 tall.

About 4-5 years ago I was a huge advocate of the home fitness programs by Beachbody such as P90X and Insanity. I generally would do the programs for maybe 30-60 days then stop, despite this I still stayed in pretty average shape.  Prior to starting home fitness routines I had actually gone up to 180lbs and that’s when I was eating out all the time with co-workers while also eating fast food whenever I felt like it. While doing these programs I brought myself down to my 155-160 weight range and stayed there for several years with no issues, even while not always eating the best.

As of the last 2-3 years I basically stopped doing these programs and now weigh more than I ever have, I’m 220lbs last I checked. My girlfriend constantly tells me she is concerned about my health and constantly bugs me about me weight. When I stopped doing any sort of fitness routine I really seemed to fall out of these good habits. I believe the 30 days of discipline program will really be a start to get myself back in the right direction by doing some minimal body weight exercises each day.

I plan to put a big effort into cooking more of my own meals and laying off the junk food starting tomorrow. Check out this video for some thoughts on this Habit:


Check back for my “after” results in this post. I will be updating this post after November 20th with my results from the program.


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