Habit #6 – Dress Your Best Everyday

In this post I’m going to tak about habit #6 which is dressing your best every day.

My “Before” scenario with how I’ve been dressing

Typically for the past 10-15 years I’ve always been very big on wearing t-shirts with band names on them, specifically metal bands. I also am a huge fan of wearing hoodies, most of the ones I have also have band names or graphics on them.

I’ve actually collected such a large collection I have a large wood frame in my house with a clothing rack that is entirely packed full of hoodies and jackets! I have enough hoodies I could probably wear a different one almost every day of the week, some of them I’ve had for over 10 years too.

With the 30 days of discipline challenge I’ve basically decided that I’m going to do mainly 2 things.

  • Wear collared shirts every day
  • Wear nice shoes every day

I typically wear jeans and I am not going “all out” by wearing a suit and tie. I have a really nice pair of dress shoes I bought a few years ago for $80+. These are good for higher end events such as going to a wedding.

Earlier this year Brenda bought me a pair of “boat shoes” that are pretty casual but also fashionable. I’ve been wearing these every day for the challenge instead of my normal sneakers.

In the summer time I also picked up a really nice fall/winter jacket for a large discount. I’ve found that wearing this combination of clothing has allowed me to stand out a bit more in the work place, feel more confident and it also helps with first impressions.

Check out this video where I talk about dressing your best:

Check back after November 20th and I’ll share how changing what I wear on a daily basis has effected me.

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